We carefully select our Xtreme Lashes educators. They pass through a rigorous training and pursue a continuous training program to offer quality training to always meet the expectations of our customers. With their experience and expertise, we can raise awareness of the Xtreme Lashes Protocol from coast to coast.

Sarah Dorsainville


Director of education and trainer

Certified makeup artist for 15 years, my journey introduced me to many facets of this great field of beauty. Hair salon to camera flashes, I had the opportunity to meet talented people who have taught me a lot. Wanting to push my passion further I did a bacc. in business administration to understand and control the workings of entrepreneurship. To diversify my services, I became eyelash stylist and have found a new passion. For 5 years now, including 2 fully with Xtreme Lashes, I still push my learning and to develop my skills. My passion for the values that Xtreme Lashes vehicle is undeniable constantly trying to keep the bar high for the industry. I continue to learn through the hundreds of stylists that I trained and through my colleagues who are just as passionate as me.


Vanessa Salerno


Xtreme Lashes Certified in level 1, artistic and Volumation

 As a make-up artist she has always been attracted to beauty. Keeping up with trends in this industry led her to become an Xtreme Lash Stylist and now an Educational Coordinator for the company. As an educator, it is important for her that every aspiring lash stylist receives a thorough training and succeeds in their new craft. Sharing her passion and knowledge gives her a great sense of gratitude. It is essential that everyone has a fulfilling and meaningful experience with Xtreme Lashes.


Mira EL-Outa


Xtreme Lashes Certified in level 1, artistic and Volumation (Corporate)

Mira has held a lifelong passion for the beauty industry and several years ago she made the choice to make a career of it! Certified esthetician/makeup artist for 8 years now. Shortly after she embarked into the lash industry. As an Xtreme Lashes educator and educational coordinator, she loves sharing knowledge and expertise to help others realize their potential and maximize their talent.


Marie-Jeanne DeGrâce


Xtreme Lashes Certified in level 1, artistic and Volumation

 Bio to come.


JenniLin Baldwick


Xtreme Lashes Certified in level 1, artistic and Volumation

Bio to Come.




Xtreme Lashes Certified in level 1, artistic and Volumation

She is an extremely passionate esthetician with a tremendous amount of knowledge, skill sets and dedication. She combines a university-level training in education and a decade of experience as a trainer and practitioner in various sectors of the beauty industry. She is recognized as an Esthetics Instructor Level 2 in New-Brunswick. In her trainings, Genevieve’s goal is to educate other members of the beauty industry on how to deliver a true professional service following the strictest safety and sanitation guidelines.


Nicole Chartrand


Xtreme Lashes Certified in level 1, artistic and Volumation

I am a Professional Para-Medical Esthetician, Nail Technician, Makeup Artist and Certified Lash Technician. I have owned and operated Nails Plus By Nicole  since 1992. Successfully I have  trained and employed over 100 women in the beauty industry. Many who have continued on, and are now successful business operators themselves. I have worked with many products and different companies in the past 25 years and  I choose Xtreme Lashes for their technical support and customer service, the quality of their product and the fact that they are always looking for improvement. Xtreme has being beneficial to me and for my business. My clients are happy with their result and I am continuously learning and improving my skills with confidence .


Marina Polsinelli


Xtreme Lashes Certified in level 1, artistic and Volumation