Artistic- Advanced eyelash extension training program

Artistic training program

Expend your signature with the current Advanced Artistic eyelash extension training.


Who should attend?

·         To all those who have successfully completed the Xtreme Lashes Level 1 training program

·         To all those who want to adapt their application to each of their clients

·         To all those who want to increase their income by charging expert pricing

The best Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions trainers offer this training to master innovative techniques such as:

·         The layer application

·         The color blending

·         The wrapping of the eyelash extensions

·         The application of Swarovski crystals

·         The correction of the eye shape according to the morphology of the face


Start your career with a company that has your success at heart and continues to innovate and guide the step in the eyelash extension industry.

This intensive one-day training consists of both a theoretical section and a hands-on section.

Always accompanied by our certified Xtreme Lashes trainers, the hands-on portion allows you to immediately demonstrate your new knowledge and gives you the opportunity to be certified the same day.

Included with the course:

  • A textbook emphasizing the critical points of the Xtreme Lashes technique as well as essential reference documents in support throughout the career of the designer
  • An internationally recognized certification
  • A supplemental listing in our online directory of certified stylists that will distinguish the advanced stylists from the certified stylists
  •   Access to technical support by phone or online throughout the career of the stylist
  •  Privileged access to Xtreme Lashes products for advanced stylists
  • Note that the current Xtreme Lashes® Advanced Artistic level program is available in English and French

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depending on the desired training city.