Conversion - Basic eyelash extension training program

Conversion- Xtreme Lashes Brand transition program

Learn to become a sought-after Xtreme Lashes® certified eyelash extension technician.

Who should attend?

  • To all those who have been certified after following a technical course in eyelash extension by a recognized company*
  • To all those wishing to develop their technique with highly qualified techniques.
  • To all those seeking to partner with a trusted brand that has proven itself in the industry and benefit from its support.
  • To all those who want to meet customers increasingly concerned about the health of her eyelashes and standards to be observed.


Continue your career with a company that has your success at heart and continues to innovate and guide the step in the eyelash extension industry.


 This one-day intensive program teaches the basic techniques of an Xtreme Lashes application of eyelash extensions under the supervision of a certified trainer in this structured workshop.


The Conversion Training Program teaches technicians the Xtreme Lashes difference while mastering the medical approach of applying eyelash extensions, resale of products based on natural ingredients and the use of marketing tools for your business.

You will also learn techniques to better sell services and products.

 Included with the courses:

  • A textbook emphasizing the critical points of Xtreme Lashes technique as well as essential reference documents in support throughout the career of the stylist
  • A starter kit containing everything needed to start you on the path of certification
  • A display with a tester of each Xtreme Lashes retail product
  • An inventory of marketing tools to get your business known
  • An internationally recognized certification
  • A listing in our online certified stylist directory

  • Access to technical support by phone or online throughout the career of the stylist

  • Privileged access to Xtreme Lashes Products

Note that the current eyelash extensions offered by Xtreme Lashes® conversion program is available in English and French depending on the desired training city.

*Learn from the list of institutions recognized by Xtreme Lashes