About us

Empowering the World Through Beauty

Xtreme Lashes Canada was established with the goal of empowering lives through our revolutionary lash products, world-renowned client support, and hands-on training programs. As the Global Leader in Eyelash Extensions, we strive to support the true art of LASHING with an undeniable passion for all things beauty. Xtreme Lashes Canada has remained trusted worldwide for keeping safety and quality our top priorities, making our lash stylists the most qualified and trusted in the industry.

Meet our founder Jo Mousselli

With a passion for health, beauty, and education, Jo Mousselli has revolutionized the beauty industry one lash at a time. Her expertise as an ICU nurse makes her a rare commodity and shaped the foundation of Xtreme Lashes across 52 countries worldwide. Along with her vision of blending holistic and process-oriented approaches, her medical background has enabled the development of truly safe and hygienic products.

Jo’s pursuit to elevate the beauty industry is reflected through every one of her products and services, from Education and Product Development to Customer Care. Making it a priority to be heavily hands-on, Jo Mousselli’s dedication and drive to ensure the success of lash artistry is what makes her a true leader and global inspiration.

Revolutionizing Beauty Lash by Lash

As the first in the industry with their approach, Xtreme Lashes has paved the way to provide revolutionary lash techniques, unparalleled education, and breakthrough beauty products around the globe. Our comprehensive training programs have been developed with the success of the independent lash artist in mind.

Xtreme Lashistas® (people with an affinity and passion for lashes to the point of obsession) thrive on a cutting-edge career while delivering safe, effective, and enhancing eyelash products and services to thousands of clients worldwide. Xtreme Lashes Canada thrives on providing the highest level of educational training to ensure all our Lashistas® conquer the lash world with confidence! Click here to learn more about our programs.

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